Make beautiful music while playing on the playground.


Musical Instruments

RePlay® structures are made from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic.  Earn LEED credits with RePlay®.


PipeLine® stuctures are the toughest play systems in Tennessee with Schedule 40 steel pipe posts.

A favorite of kids everywhere. InterPlay® structures are unique and exciting, with Schedule 40 steel pipe posts.



Our incredible team of designers and engineers will help you design and build the most fun and most stunning playground in Tennessee, and Firefly Recreation is committed to constructing playgrounds that are safe and inclusive.

TimberForm® structures are comprised of tough and durable, pressure-treated Douglas fir wood.


Castles, pirate ships, trains, and more: our themed playground options are limited only by your imagination.

playground Equipment

Stainless steel and plastic embankment slides make Tennessee hills much more fun.

Embankment Slides